Why has my Facebook relationship status disappeared?
Question by Alicia /
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I deleted the part of my Facebook profile that says if you are in a relationship. How do I get it back? IE: Jim Doe is in a relationship. (this no longer appears on my profile).

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Answer (1)
  • Jay

    i think you just deleted the post that displayed your relationship update.

    sign in to fb and click here :http://goo.gl/8Giwz
    or go to profile>>edit profile>>friends and family>>relationship status

    now select the first option which is "select relation"
    save changes.
    again go to same page and select "in a relationship"

    it's back on your profile.
    basically you updated it again by changing to undefined and then changing back to "in a rel".
    look at  both step 1 and 2below, dont forget to save changes at the end of both the steps.


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