What can I do if my Facebook account was hacked?
Question by ann /
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Can I delete my Facebook account? It has been stolen!

What can I do if I can not log into my account? My account was stolen and my pasword has been changed. Please help me!

Don’t know what to do.

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Answers (14)
  • shellaali

    plzzzzzzzzz help me

  • Rituraj Kalita

    my sister's account was hacked....plzzzzzz help me

    id 9401529383

  • Rituraj Kalita

    someone hacked my sister's profile plzz help me
    id: 9401529383

    plzzzzzzzzz help me....

  • Anirban

    I thik my facebook account is hacked by any one...So how can i get reed from it???????plz help me.

  • ‘ Maida Bombek

    Hi My name is Maida Bombek.. My account was hacked.. they changed my username and password.. I was beable to get the account back but under other
    user name.. I tried to change it to my original username but I couldnt .. there are no option to do this.. Can you help me.. please Im so sceard,,Thank youV much.. Im waiting for an answer asap..

  • manish

    My Facebook account has been hacked by my friend.
    he has changed my password and also the email id what can i do????????
    please help ....................

  • D_mikkelson

    My facebook acoount has been hacked and nobody knows how to fix it can someone out there please help me without costing me money. I would really appreciate it thanks

  • Christianpolbarcelona

    how can I restore my facebook account please help me..my email:christianpolbarcelona
    please return my fb pass.......
    old pass

  • Apgo2000


    My facebook account has been hacked too.. And this time even the email id and consequently the username has been changed to a look alike email id..

    Please please help!!!

  • Aibek

    Hi Ann,

    Please keep us updated. Please check the links above and let us know if you need any further assistance.


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