Why can I not extract zip file contents to C:\Program Files in Windows 7?

Rob April 30, 2011
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I’m trying to embed subtitles into an avi file using VirtualDub.

I have to create a folder called ‘virtualdub’ in ‘C\program file’ and then unzip the contents of the ‘virtualdub’ zip. I get “ACCESS DENIED” when I try. I can create the folder there, and extract the contents anywhere else on my hard drive, just not to C\program file\virtualdub.

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit. I’ve tried putting the zip file inside C\program file\virtualdub and extracting there. Can’t do that either.

If I right click on the zip file and select the security tab, I have ticks for all options except for ‘special permission’ for ‘system’, Rob(Rob-PC\Rob) and Administrators(Rob-PC\Rob).

I have tried yelling “You work for me!” at the computer, but it hasn’t made any difference. Does anyone have any ideas?

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