How can I export the content of Outlook emails into separate columns in Excel?
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I have an email folder with multiple emails that contain similar content. I would like a quick way to move all the data into Excel. Separating each contact by columns is the goal: sent, to, date, email body etc.

I know I can save each email into notepad and copy into Excel and transpose, but this is too time-consuming.

Anyone up for this challenge please share any ideas or 3rd party application recommendations.



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  • Anonymous

    Do you  have Access installed as part of your Office suite? possibly You can use
    “Get External Data” in Access to absorb email in from Outlook, and the date field
    can be included. From Access you can dump the table into Excel.


    must save the mails in a folder on the hard drive (not archive) from Excel go to Data / Get External Data, import the text file, and get the hard drive data …

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