Which is the most expensive and most daily visited website out there?
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Which is the most expensive website?
And most daily visited site?

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Answers (7)
  • Tyler

    Which is the most expensive website?Facebook.com
    And most daily visited site?

  • 2gehretts

    I think I have duplicated my Facebook.  How do I tell and how would I repair it?

  • Aibek

    With over one trillion pageview a month Facebook is the most visited website on the web right now. It’s also one of the highest valued web-based companies.
    See, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook.com

  • Mulder

    As to your first question, it’s impossible to know the most expensive web site unless we have access to the amount of money each company spent on theirs. The chances of getting that information out of them are virtually zero. Besides, it would tell you nothing about the company or the site, only the amount of money spent.

    The most visited web sites are ranked by different firms, but according to Alexa, Google is the top site for daily visits; other web metric firms may give slightly different results.


  • AkashD

    I think.. Facebook is surely one of the ‘Most visited’ site.. :P

  • Jeffery Fabish

    I would imagine the top visited sites would also be one of the most expensive, when you account for the servers, bandwidth and staff.

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