How can I enable hyperlinks in NYTimes eMail using Outlook or Outlook Connector?

twood73 December 18, 2010
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A recent change, the links in “some” eMails do not work. Specifically, the NYT eMail links appear to be converted to plain text (black type instead of blue) & are inactive when using Gateway M520 / Windows XP Pro 32-bit / Outlook 2007 / Outlook Connector to access my Hotmail account.

The hperlinks in the same NYT eMail when accessed using my HP / Windows 7 64-bit / Outlook 2007 / Outlook Connector are active.

I have tried turning off all settings in Avast (temporarily) in case it was converting the links to plain text. Every available setting in Outlook experimented with. Changed default browser from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer and tried different settings in IE. Edited URL file associations for IE. Re registered all regsvr32_Shdocvw.dll files. Experimented with MyComputer/tools/folder options/Files/ URL hyper…/advanced/.. ..

Any insightful suggestions?

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