How to embed MP3 file in PowerPoint?
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How can I embed mp3 audio files in PowerPoint 2008/2011 for Mac?
I have a Mac running Snow Leopard.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

    Hello, I have powerpoint but not for mac.  You could try the following, maybe the steps are similar in Mac:

    -- open powerpoint
    -- click on insert tab
    -- click on down arrow next to sound icon
    -- click on sound from file
    -- navigate to where mp3 is saved
    -- click on open
    -- a box will pop up asking "How do you want sound to start in the slide show?
    -- it will give you two choices: automatically or When Clicked
    -- select the option you want
    -- finish adding your slides and music and then
    -- save presentation

  • Anonymous

    add mp3 in the same folder with ppt, if you email powerpoint then email the folder containing ppt and mp3

    open powerpoint slide

    1)Click on Insert -> Audio -> Audio Browser (or Audio from File).
    2)Select which audio track you want to play.
    3)Click and drag Audio Track over.
    4)Click on Audio Icon.Click on ‘Format Audio’ tab.
    5)Under ‘Start’ select: ‘Play Across Slides
    6)Click on the ‘Animations’ tab.Click on the ‘Reorder’ button
    7)Click on the animation you want to change.
    8) Under Media options, set stop playing, change it from ’999? to as many slides you wish to play the media across.

    with photos

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