How can I email photos to my Skydrive?
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Your site posted a tip on how to email photos to Microsoft Skydrive – and with its 25gb of space, that would be a great thing to be able to do, especially from an iPhone. However, it seems as if the solution in your article is obsolete now since it depends on MS’s Live Space blog service, which (as far as I can tell) doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t find any other way to email photos to Skydrive photo albums, so if anyone does know, please do share. Thanks.

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  • Mjevolve

    hello .

    try as Fidelis suggests .

    and also the Live Space has been for long changed to Live Mesh service .

    it will use 5 gb of space out of a total of your 25 gb on sky drive , 
    and its basically an automated syncing and back up service ,
    instead of the manually operated Sky Drive ..


    Hello, I am pretty sure you need to have silverlight installed.  The following is the way that I do it, if you are using windows live mail.  I haven’t had any problems yet as far as I know:

    — Open Windows Live Mail– click on photo email– type email address– create a new message, subjetc, etc

    — choose your pictures– type the information for you album — click send

    If you are using hotmail/msn, you could try the following:

    — open hotmail/msn
    — click on new
    — type email address, subject, etc.
    — click on photos
    — click on new album
    — select your pictures
    — click on open
    — once open is clicked, it will tell you the photos are stored in skydrive until certain date, it will also give you the option of sendind album to other people
    — click on send

    Let us know if it works…it does for me

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