How can I edit a .SWF file?
Question by Sahil Dave /

I have a .swf file but I want to edit it a little bit and add some new details. I don’t know Flash coding, however. Is there a software tool that can help me?

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Answers (7)
  • Ghada

    How can I edit multiple .SWF file?


    Hello, you can use the following program:

  • Azamat “Bohed” E

    Don’t worry about Flash coding, as Mike said, use Flash Decompiler, it’s pretty good, but you will need Adobe Flash to edit decompiled files. Though, the Flash Decompiler creates a source file which is nothing but a mess for a beginner. Worth a try.

  • Jay.0

    As others said, sothink is the tool you will need.
    If you try you, can make small changes to swf file, otherwise you will need some knowledge of Flash.
    You can learn basics by tutorials etc.

  • Ymchapcay

    Sothink swf decompiler

  • Methlal Weerasooriya

    Yes use for top album creator. There is swf extractor….

  • Mike

    SWF files are compiled Flash objects. In order to edit them you first have to convert them back to *.FLA.

    Once you have the *.FLA file you can edit it with Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash professional or whatever your choice is.

    However all of these are third-party solutions and there is always the chance that the SWF file cannot be fully converted back. Flash is not intended to work this way because such reverse engineering basically enables you to steal other peoples work.

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