How can I edit or remove startup options in system startup?
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My PC is running Windows 7. I had tried to install ‘Windows Server 2003’ and it has failed.

Now, when the system boots up, it lists both ‘Windows Server 2003’ and ‘Windows 7’. The default OS is ‘Windows Server 2003’ and it starts to install ‘Windows Server 2003’ automatically. But, in the ‘System Startup’ option in Windows 7, there is only ‘Windows 7’ and no ‘Windows Server 2003’.

How can I remove it from system boot select?

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Answers (8)
  • Venkatesh kashyap

    how can i edit startup option?

    • Tina


      why did the answers above not work for you? What version of Windows do you have?

  • Bruce Epper

    You can also download the free tool BCDEdit to add/remove/modify boot entries on your system.  I can really help dyslexic typists.

  • Anonymous

    To launch msconfig:

    1. Click Start
    2. In the Search text box, type msconfig
    3. Launch msconfig by selecting it from the search results above the search text box.

    After msconfig is launched:

    1. Go to the Boot tab
    2. Slect the boot entry you want to delete.
    3. Click the Delete button and then click OK.

    You can use BCDEDIT to display or modify it. WITH ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES at  command prompt type:BCDEDIT /enum,  will display  at least 3 sections: BCDEDIT /delete ID (where ID is the identifier of the bad copy) will remove the entry from the data store.

  • Reeve

     Hello. I follow the step went to the BOOT TAB. Let's say when I open, the startup option got "window 7" & "blar blar blar(in chinese name)..But, in the BOOT TAB, that is no the chinese name. And, the startup said the gvldr.mbr are corrupt..I try many ways to solve it also cannot. Any idea please to my email please.

  • Anonymous

    go to here and see how to fix free utility EasyBCD

    have you changed Bios arder to hard disk windows 7?


    Hello, are you trying to change the earlier version of windows to WINDOWS XP?  If you are, you can logging to windows 7 and use the bcdedit command to change the description.  I could explain how to it, but I will let the following link show you step by step how to do it with illustrations:

    In the example above, they are using a dual boot configuration with vista and xp.  It works the same way with windows 7 and xp.  If this is not what you are asking, let me know so that I can give further instructions.  Make sure to run BCDedit in windows that means you have to start up your system with windows 7...not xp.  BCDEdit does not work in xp.

  • Venkatesh Kashyap

    hi Tina.
     i'm using bot win-7 and win-xp in dual boot mode.during start up 
    it will ask like dis
    "earlier version of windows"-(for xp)
    "windows 7"(win-7).
    so i want to edit the start up of can i do that.can u plz tel me?

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