What is the best e-book with e-ink technology?
Question by Nguy?n Tân /
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I’m going to purchase a ebook device such as Kindle 3, Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch but I wonder what is the best for mine?

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Answers (13)
  • Declan Lopez

    nook backlight or nook simple touch

  • Thomas Petrucha

    I´m using the kindle 3rd generation and happy with it.
    Never using Wifi because I buy my books in other stores online and use calibre to convert and transfer them on my reader.
    If you only need it for reading books it will be cheap and useful enough

    ... if you need a little more the Sony PRS-T2 is good with some features more and supports all used standards without binding to a store if you not wish.

    ... I own both and like both ... before them I used a tablet to read, but it´s too heavy and too bright or glarey for longer reading.

    ... if you´ll need backlight the kindle paperwhite or the nook simple touch will be a good thing ;)

  • Rohit Pandey

    kindles paperwhite.......

  • Somaiya Ebrahim

    kindle 3..only one i know about

  • Harshal Warkhede

    Kindle is the best!

  • Douglas Mutay

    Did you check Zinio? Awesome!

  • Patrick Jackson

    I think Kindle 3 is good enough for most of us all. Go and try it before buying!

  • Jeremiah Iliffe

    I have the Kindle 3 and it is great, but I would recommend any Kindle especially the paperwhite because of the Amazon ecosystem and you can "sideload" books with calibre

  • ha14

    there should be a store that have the three ebook readers that you mention, go there try them and see how your fingers will move on the screen, find your comfortable way to hold the device for extended periods of time.

  • Justin Pot

    I'm a Kobo owner, I love it. It it attached to web store but you can also shop around: Google Books works with it and a number of other stores. Plus it supports EPUB, so you can download ebooks at Gutenburg and a number of other sites.

    But it's about preference. Look around and find what works for you.

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