How can I earn money from Tumblr?
Question by Mahdi /

I’ve been using Tumblr for a couple of months, and have made some good traffic over the time I’ve been using it. I’ve heard a lot about people making money off of their blogs, and I wonder how I can make money off my Tumblr without spamming my blog with ads.

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Answers (7)
  • molly mckenna

    do people/ follwers have to click on the add for you to get money off your tumblr?

  • Paul

    Two wordS: affiliate marketing.

  • Holly Matheson

    Aside from ads, writing sponsored blog posts can be another great way to earn money  on Tumblr. Social Spark ( ) and Pay Per Post both offer the opportunity to make money by writing posts about topics that already interest you. You might also want to check out Fiverr. 

  • Macey

    There are lots of ways that we can make a profit out of our websites. I know some who have online ads, and there are some who just have excellent SEO techniques which they use to increase web traffic.

  • Aibek

    First, sign up for Google Adsense,

    The key here is not to placep the ads on the right positions. I suggest you to add 336×280 rectangle AdSense block underneath the title, just like we do here on MakeUseOf. This is by far the best AdSense placement I have ever tried.

    • Aibek

      Once you have the ads online add more and more content. This will result in more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

  • nm

    I’m not sure how else you would plan on making money through your tumblr blog other than by placing ads. If you consider that as an option, it’s very easy to use adsense with Tumblr

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