Why can my DVD player not read my external hard drive?
Question by kakete habert /
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My external hard drive is a Toshiba 750 GB already loaded with movies, music, photos. The DVD Player is Lasonic with a USB port, and a Sony TV.

Why is the HDD not responding to a DVD player? Is there any other DVD player that can read my external hard drive? If there is, tell me the type and I buy it. Thanks.

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Answers (67)
  • Budjie Garcia

    Here's based on my observation. It depends on your USB port. If the USB port is just an extension to the motherboard of your dvd/tv and is just an extension, your external HDD might not even get detected. I've tried this first using different PCs. Whenever i'm connecting my external HDD in the front USB port of my CPU enclosure, the external HDD doesn't get detected or maybe there's not enough power(electricity) to spin the hard disk (due to the front USB port is only for Flash drives). This happens to all PCs that i've tried. I always connect it to the back USB port of my CPU enclosure (which is the built in USB port connected to the motherboard). I have 2 external HDD both in FAT32 format and both does the same thing to diff PCs. they're also not playing in my DVD player even if it's in AVI format but when i connect my Flash Drive, it will play that same AVI movie i have in the external HDD. the simple conclusion to this is that the USB port (probably just an extension to the motherboard of your DVD player) is not giving enough power (electricity) to run and spin the hard disk of your external HDD or probably the long USB cable + the long wire inside your DVD (connecting USB port to the board) will diminish the power before it gets to your HDD.

    • Budjie Garcia

      Flash drives doesn't run require that much power so my DVD can play movies from it.

  • Luke White

    I have Pioneer DVD Player and I also external Hard drive which is 500 GB.But when i connect it to DVD player it gives me an error that is NTFS file does not support it.So anybody can tell me about it and please give the suggestion or solution on it.

    • Sanjaya

      You can convert your HDD to FAT32 but you can't copy a single file more than 3GB.(so no HD content). The best solution is to keep a big hard drive to store all the movies and use a flash drive to watch movies. Or else if you have a HDMI connection you can play movies on dvd player via pc/laptop.

  • Manny Rivera

    I played movie with ntfs har drive sometimes it detect sometimes not why is that

  • vishal

    My external hard drive is 1 tb of seagate already loaded with movies, music, photos. The DVD Player with a USB port, and a LG TV.
    Why is the HDD not responding to a DVD player?

    • Bruce Epper

      What drive formats does your DVD player support? How is the HDD formatted? Many DVD players will only recognize devices formatted with FAT/FAT32 and not NTFS which is more common for larger drives.


      Hello, do you have the manual that came with DVD player? That should tell you if your DVD player is compatible with NTFS. If it is 1 TB, that is the format that should be in the external drive. If you do not have the manual, try to research by model and brand online. There are some TVs for example, that accept USB but only the flashdrives, not external. I do not know if this happens with DVD players too.

      If it is a matter of your DVD player not compatible with NTFS, then your only option would be to transfer all the data/contents from external somewhere else and format the external drive with FAT32. Once that is done, transfer data back and try

  • ernesto arias

    your dvd player will not really play an external HDD. you can only insert the most is a 16 gigabyte flash drive into the USB port. there are tv sets in the market today that can play even a 2tb ext HDD, but if you really want to use your external but your dvd player & tv set don't, you have to buy a separate media player that can play even bigger than 2tb. there are lots of brands and features to choose from. that's all thank you...

  • Me Vergara

    if your external hard drive can connect to a SATA cord. then plug it to your desktop computer. insert the WinXP/Win7 installer. then when its checking the available drive you will your HDD there with its size then format it to Fat 32. end

  • Shelly Rosen

    I have a Samsung 1t external hd that is formatted ntfs. I reparations the disk taking 1g and formating it FAT3   and my dvd still doesn't see any if the tv shows on it.
     What do you suggest that I try

  • Phatnanis

    i have 320gb accer hard disk with fat32 fil system and i format in ntfs now in ntfs but when i go in format option then shows ntfs not fat why

  • luis

    mira tienes que tener tu disco duro a fat 32 para que te lo pueda reconocer pero depende del formato de videos que tengas los dvd solo leen formatos mp4 yo tengo un blu ray y me lee hasta formatos mkv los de ts y dts no los lee menos los de flv

  • Wanderingnaught

    ive found the answer to my problem [hope this helps others]: "While I understand people's complaints about external hard drives
    not being 100% compatible, its just a bit more common sense that it
    makes better use of FAT32 USB sticks. This doesn't cater to much bigger
    files, but this where you burn things to a DVD. (cheap as dirt these
    days). If you really want some huge data tank to stream content to your
    television then consider a media hub, a gaming console (they do this
    now), or the proper cables to run your PC to your TV. Theres much better
    alternatives. I just think expecting a 40 dollar device to cater to
    this and being disappointed just because it had a USB slot is a bit
    short sighted."

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