How do I dual boot Windows XP and Windows 7?
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I have already Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit on my C:\ Drive, I want to install Windows XP also. How should I proceed?

Do I need to format Windows 7 first? Please provide ample guidance so that I don’t encounter any problems when dual booting.


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Answers (16)
  • Gagry Mudaliar

    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP in c driver. i want both in c: driver as is possible to me to installs..........

  • Adit

    But, You should install XP first, and then Windows 7

  • Adit

    Just install Xp, and then Boot your Pc with a windows 7 disk and install windows 7 in another partition, That's all

  • Simranjeet Singh

    If you want to install windows xp along with windows 7, you can install windows xp in any other partition which has atleat 15 Gb free space ( for software instillation ). Now boot with cd or whatever the source is and install windows xp as normally in any other partation, now make this clear that when you install windows xp , the boot files of windows 7 will become inactive and the system will only boot windows xp, inorder o recover boot menu you can use software Easy BCD, Using that you will be able to get you windows 7 running along with your newly installed windows xp......

  • Gian Singh

    I could tell you but it might be simpler for you to watch a youtube video

  • Facundo Ortiz Gallego

    Maybe XP Mode can supply your needs for a legacy OS (almost):

  • Janeesh VJ

    install xp on another drive

  • Kenice Noel

    You can partition the hard drive and install WIndows XP on a partition and then configure the boot menu using EasyBCD which is free for non commercial use. Alternatively, there is windows XP Mode for Windows 7 ultimate.

  • Kyle Zhou

    First, use something like gparted (get the live CD from here: to resize the windows 7 partition (the larger partition). Then, create a new NTFS partition in the empty space created. Now, install windows XP to the new partition that you have created, and after it finishes installing, install vistabootpro from and use it to reinstall the Windows 7 bootloader. Once you've done that, reboot and you'll see that you can boot back into both Windows 7 and Windows XP!

  • Irshaad Abdool

    what u r trying to do, is quite tricky as after the installation u will have to repair the booting of your computer. here are two websites that explain how to install the OSs and how to repair the 'boot system'
    hope that helps

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