How can I see my downloads in my Chrome browser’s main window?
Question by Don Blevens /
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I am using Chrome 21 and would like to have a way to watch my downloads from whatever tab I am on. Either at the bottom (Chrome used to do this) or side or the likes. I don’t want to have to keep a separate ‘Downloads’ tab open to monitor the downloads. I have been looking in the Chrome store for an app/extension for this but haven’t run across one yet. Is it possible to do this?

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Answers (18)
  • Joel Jacob

    Press Ctrl+J

  • Alexis Akridge

    try “Ctrl +J”

  • Don Blevens

    Thanks for the info. I just installed a Download Extension button while I try to figure out why Chrome no longer shows the downloads at the bottom. If it still works for others there must be something in my setup that was changed.

    • Patrick Jackson

      This is for you @Don and @GrrGrr, it is a lot better if you want such thing, instead of installing any other extension, go for Free Download Manager (, it supports Chrome and is completely free and open-source. It can accelerate your speeds as well and you can see all the information related to speed, etc.

      Hope this would help!

  • Blader Peh

    Yes it is. Go the the wrentch button and select downloads. there you are! :)

  • yuvsch

    I don’t believe there’s a solution to what you want.
    What you can do is to install an extension that add a button to quickly open the downloads window. something like this –

  • Patrick Jackson

    Whenever one start any download in Chrome, a small bar is shown below regarding what’s downloading and can be seen from any tab, if I’m not wrong.

    Also, we can really can’t pause and resume any downloads in Chrome, or even Firefox!

    I hope this may help!

    • GrrGrrr

      but the bar will not show speed, % downloaded etc.

      honestly I would go for Ctrl+J, instead of hogging memory with another add-on.

  • Min Shum

    I am also using the latest version of Google Chrome (v21) and it shows the downloads as it used to – at the bottom of the Chrome window in a new tool bar – happens once you start a download.

    however, if you click on the Clear button at the far-right of the download toolbar, the toolbar will disappear untill the next time you download something.

  • Jackerry

    Why not press “Ctrl” + “J”? so easy!

  • Jackerry

    Press “Ctrl” + “J”

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