How can I download streaming DIVX movies?
Question by Auzzie /

How can we download DIVX movies or different movies from
The streaming takes too long. Isn’t there a short way to download?

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Answers (9)
  • ANeilan

    personally, i wouldnt touch a divx movie with a ten foot pole. go for either Xvid or x264 encoded movies.

  • Faresline

    Before you download the movies,watch new trailers here

  • SWC Oxcart

    all divx movies go to the divx cache. In win 7 that’s in movies library, divx, temp.

    Just change the .part to .avi and should run in most players.

    • Aibek

      That should work but it won’t be faster than streaming. Basically, using this method a user needs to wait for the player to download the video before renaming to an .avi file.

    • SWC Oxcart

      Yea, the message go truncated in my reader. The advice refers to how to save divx. As said, this occurs automatically in the Divx cache folder (check options on the web player to change config/locate cache).

      However, the previous message does also apply to speed issues. Since divx effectively downloads/caches the stream before it pushes it, downloads are received as fast as streaming although not all players can play unfinished .part files. Also, the part endings do not need to be removed for players like KMplayer which play off the embedded info, not the generic extension.

      The only way to increase download or stream speed which are rather synonymous here, is to find the back-end. Most use megaupload and if you can get the direct link (some greasescripts reveal this), you download directly from MU. This can be faster as you don’t have additional servers involved and sometimes the 3rd server’s IP gets throttled if using a proxy. Also if a premium MU member, increased speeds will surely apply along with the ability to gain multiple connections.

      Otherwise, yes, exactly, streaming will always be faster to get you watching content as you don’t need to wait for the item to complete–the entire point of marvelous divx: streaming content as it is downloaded.

    • Gola_december

      it does. so simple. unbelievable!! great! many-many thanks!! :)

  • Auzzie

    I know a lot o ways to download videos using flashgot … and other softwares and addons…
    But i was asking about how to download streaming movies….!!! Like divx movies…

  • Mohitk117

    I’m not sure about movies planet… but if you’re using Firefox and have Flashot Addon for firefox… then you can just let the movie stream for some time and then click on the “video” icon at the bottom right of the screen of firefox… it’s a blue films reel standard icon with which you click and download via a download manager (like flashget or free download manager) …. most video sites like youtube, break etc including flv video streaming sites can be downloaded through the flashgot addon for firefox.

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