How can I download all of my photos and videos from my iPhone?

ebony_edwards May 5, 2012
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I have several album folders on my iPhone:
Camera roll 610 pics
Photo stream 313 pics
Photo Library 685 pics
Pictures 685 pics

I went to London and all of my pics from there were saved in photo stream, but I am unable to get all of them onto my computer. About half of the pics from London are also included in Camera Roll so I was able to transfer those, but many pictures are still not included and I do not know how to get to the folder.

Also, in the Photo Library and Pictures folder I have short videos that I took while in London. I am trying to get them onto my computer but they are not syncing nor can I find them when going through my computer.

I have tried to sync the photos. That didn’t help. I have tried attempt to copy and paste – but the folders do not show up when I try going to My computer – iPhone- internal storage- DCIM. I have enabled “show all hidden folders” and still can not find the photos or videos on my phone.

Does anyone know a way to find ALL the photos and ALL the videos on the iPhone using Windows and to get them onto my computer?


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