How can I download other people’s pictures on Facebook?
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How can I download other people’s pictures on Facebook?

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Answers (4)
  • Donna Tiche

    How do I download photo's from facebook to place them in my "pictures?" Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Donna Tiche

  • Jay.0

    Click the download button on the bottom right of the photo.
    or right click and select save image option.

    • Kylied

      i cant find a download button when i click the pic it come up in itz own lil box grrr

    • Jay.0 can always right click and save the picture.
      2. Download option has just moved to a new place in the new picture viewer. see that gear icon in top right of the box, it has download option, they are hiding it or what ! pics in a new tab, you will see the normal viewer.
      (3rd point is also the answer of "how can I get rid of new picture viewer in facebook")

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