Why can’t I download iTunes on my Windows 7 PC?
Question by Cheryl /
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I am running Windows 7 and am trying to download iTunes version 10.5.2. I get different messages each time I try – one says Incompatible Application, another says Invalid Signature. How come it won’t download?

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Answers (4)
  • kimfromkemah

    Make sure your Apple Software Installer is up to date (Start, All Programs, Apple Software Update.)  In my case, the updates downloaded but I had to perform a manual install from the Apple Update Window toolbar.  Once the Apple software updates were installed iTunes 10.5.2 installed flawlessly.

    • Music Lover

      YOU ARE AMAZING!!! The update totally allowed iTunes to update! I think I may be in love with you!!!

  • Anonymous

    try to download on another pc then transfert via usb key.

    ALso do you have the same message when you download other type of software?

  • Jeff Fabish


    Make sure you are installing iTunes for the right processor architecture. To check what yours is, go to Start -> Search and type "msinfo32.exe" and press Enter or 'Ok'. Then in the System Type item if it is 'x86-based PC' you have a 32 bit processor, else if it's 'x64-based PC' you have a 64 bit.

    With this information in mind, make sure you install the right version if iTunes. At the download page select the correct radio button. "iTunes 10.5.2 for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7"  for 32 bit and "iTunes 10.5.2 for Windows (64-bit)" for 64 bit.

    - Jeff

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