How can I download games from Google Play without a WiFi connection?
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How can I download games from Google Play without a WiFi connection?

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Answers (9)
  • Austen Gause

    use a data plan or you could download apps on your pc and put them in the sd card and download a sd card explorer find it and select it. it should then install it.

  • kiku

    Go to settings > data manager> data saver >unchek it..

  • Emmanuel Olalere

    No way that i know of, you could manually get the APK file and install it though

  • Ben Mordecai

    Vipul Jain is correct. You can either use mobile data (3G/4G) or load them to your SD card.

  • DalSan Mack

    The only other way to download Google Play apps onto the computer to transfer the install files (apk) to your device is through an extension available for Google Chrome browser. I uses your login information, and goes through third party to download, but it works fairly well. Here is a link for Chrome browser for Linux, and a link for the extension developer website. XDA is trustworthy, although some might be skeptical of giving their login information to someone or something else to download apps for your device.

    Apk Downloader

  • Kannon Y

    My favorite method for this is known as side-loading (which is what Vipul Jain mentioned). You can find some basic directions here.

    Another alternative shares your computer's internet connection with your tablet. It's known as reverse-tether. There are some limitations to reverse tethering, unfortunately, but it's considerably easier to use then side-loading. Good luck!

  • ha14

    check other sites that offers direct download apk to windows desktop and then move the apk with USB cable.


  • Vipul Jain

    1. A mobile data
    2. Get apk's, copy to SD Card & install via a file manager

  • Tug Ricks

    The alternative would be a mobile data connection. (3g/4g) If you have a smartphone, I'm assuming you have a data plan through your phone provider?

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