Where can I download free music safely?
Question by Edgar /

I want a website or program to download free music, but I don’t want to risk getting a virus. One example being Limewire, I don’t trust it. Any ideas?

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Answers (174)
  • BigPackage

    the best site to go to is http://www.urbanmusicdaily.net!!!!! seriously people i really reccomend it of you like pop,rnb,grime,dance,trance,garage ... its got everything!!... ITS EVEN GOT BIEBER FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!

  • Joe

    http://mp3dragon.com is the best site for music downloads...

    • Kim

      Couldn't find any of the songs I wanted on there :/ musicjacker is pretty good for anyone wanting a program for downloading music, I found all the songs I wanted on there so I'd recommend using that instead...


      It's safe too btw

  • George_23

    I don't know about software, but I tried some suggestions found on this page and http://www.mp3dld.com seems the most legit. I even ran a anti-virus check via siteadvisor and norton security web and it's 100% virus free! Thank you makeuseof community !

  • nana akua

    i want a software that i can download music amd muvies freely

  • John Melsens

    Get latest version of *Firefox*, then the Addon called *DownThemAll* (Firefox mass downloader - best addon!) go to *Youtube*.
    Choose and click on the song you want and the "DownThemAl" icon will flicker black & red on the Firefox toolbar.
    Click on the icon and you can download anything you want, including multiple downloads to your folder of your choosing.
    Get the *VLC* media player as it compatible with everything out there.
    All the above programs are OpenSource and free.

    • hduenam

      not true, I tried it and it asks for $10 or it wont install

    • John Melsens

      10$ for what?
      I paid *nothing* for all the software.
      You can always donate, of course.

    • JukkinBoyy

      Ugh It asked me for $10 too...

  • dalton

    is there any sites that are virus and are free for the psp to download?

  • James S

    I followed John Emerald's suggestion and tried http://www.mp3dld.com . Really nice experience mostly due to the fact that there are no pop-ups or annoying ads. I recommend it!

  • KMJ

    There's a really easy way
    Open up youtube, and find the song that you want
    In a new tab open Youtube to mp3 converter
    Get the URL from th youtube tab and go back to youtube to mp3 converter and paste it the the text box and click convert, after that check that you have he right song (the title will be on there) and click download.

  • John Emerald

    You could try http://www.mp3dld.com . Thousands of mp3s available and hundreds more added daily

  • Johan

    Spotify is the best I think. You do not really download, but stream. There loads of music for free.
    The website Grooveshark does that too.

    And if you really want to download music to your PC Jamendo may be the right option http://www.jamendo.com/en

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