How do I download free music to an iPod Shuffle?
Question by Kate /

I received an iPod Shuffle for my birthday and have no idea how to get music on it! How do I do it? Can you still get it for free? Will Limewire cause viruses to my computer?

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Answers (5)
  • Kierra

    I was wondering the same thing because I have an iPod touch. My advice to you is you can easily just sync your music. Plus you can take your cd's and transfer them onto your itunes account and put them on your iPod. Easy as that. Hope I helped!


    show me how to get free music on to my ipod shuffle

  • Steve Campbell

    Hi Kate. If you're referring to pirated music via services like Limewire, I'm afraid that's illegal, which means I can't condone such activities. However, there are still ways to accomplish this. I invite you to search MakeUseOf for 'download music' to find all the different ways that are out there.

    Once you do get music on your computer, you can use iTunes to sync your playlists/library to your iPod. Hope that helps!

    • Mike Merritt

      Thanks for making public the right moral decision not to steal. It's refreshing for a change. Too many people think that if it's "possible" to do something on the Web, then it must be "OK" to do it - regardless of the legality or the copyright involved.

  • Anonymous

    from itunes to ipod shuffle via itunes

    Apple iPod Shuffle Without iTunes

    well there are also dangers by downloading files so have your antivirus be updated to the last version and database.

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