Why can I not download anything in Chrome?
Question by JanisF /
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I have the latest version of Chrome. Not only can’t I download, but I can’t download Chrome extensions, so I can’t use them.

I have a download manager and once in a while I can download a PDF, but that is it. I have reinstalled the program. I tried to get help on Chrome, but they have had a lot of people with this problem and they never replied to help them. So since Make Use Of is my guru, I thought you could help.

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Answers (7)
  • Jan Archer

    I can`t download anything other than word or text files, it appears to download then says interrupted, I have tried Chrome and Firefox same thing, can anyone help?

    • ha14

      is it your computer or school computer; if it is not yours then perhaps there are some rules by the administration, you have to talk to them.

      if it is your computer then uninstall the browsers and reinstall again and see if this fix.

      on google chrome to look download history click CTRL+J.

      also perhaps your security tools are blocking downloads.

  • GamerJunkdotNet

    Are you right clicking and choosing to “Save Link As”? Disable your download manager as well. This may be interfering with your downloads.

  • Oron

    In what way does it not work? Do you get an error? Does it pretend to download the file but you can’t access it? Does it download part way then fail? Something else?

  • Kyem Ghosh

    a few recent final versions such as the 18.0.1025.151/2 hav loads of bugs. As I used it, it showed some certificate errors and had logging in problems for google.com and other sites such as facebook.com etc and might be, your problem is due to some bug…. But currently I’m using the 18.0.1025.162 version, which I think has no bug as its all normal here. And the latest version is the 18.0.1025.168 which was released on this 1st of May. i didn’t use it but I heard dat its good. Chk it out!!!

  • ha14

    check if you security tool or firewall is causing this.

    To temporarily bypass download manager, hold the ALT key while clicking the download link in the browser” Does that work in your browser?

    if yes then problem with the download manager

  • Bruce Epper

    Does it even start the download? Do you have similar problems with other browsers? Are there any problems with general browsing or accessing web sites?

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