How can I download apps to my Android without using WiFi?
Question by Amna Khawaja /
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My Android phone is a Samsung SGH-I897. I don’t have WiFi at home. Can anybody tell me how I can download apps through a USB data transfer cable? My Android Market always asks for a WiFi connection, which I don’t have.

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Answers (18)
  • sriver

    I have never seen the word “WiFi” and “wireless connection” in my phone. My phone is a Samsung galaxy y. It has no WiFi services. Did i buy a fake Samsung galaxy y? what should i do to connect to the internet?

    • susendeep dutta

      Wi-Fi connection is a type of internet service which can be used only if you use to scan your for Wi-Fi signals.It depends upon location.If your home has PC with Wi-Fi router internet connection,then you can use it for accessing internet via Wi-Fi.

      If you purchased your phone from a trusted retailer,then it’s original.You can connect to internet also via cellular network known as 3G or 2G.Contact the customer care of your mobile service provider to guide you how to get internet on your phone.Usually,3G is faster than 2G and sometimes more than Wi-Fi.

  • jasmine doust


  • Adamsmith Sam

    Y would u suggest that??If I have data connection on my phone why would I connect to a pc , use internet on the pc and download the app to the phone??? I can do that through the phone.

    The question being asked is “If I have internet connection in my  PC and don’t have internet on my phone and there is no wifi at home, THEN how do I download apps to my phone?”

    • Pete V

      You really need to learn some respect man.

      Firstly the OP didn’t suggest anything, they asked a question. You clearly think it’s a stupid question.

      IMHO there is no such thing as a stupid question (unless you already know the answer) – a stupid person wouldn’t ask, they’d just keep banging their head against a brick wall.

      A stupid person may also jump to conclusions such as:

      • All phones have unlimited data allowance
      • Users only want to download apps (no e-mail or TV)

      If I wwere to respond in the way you have done I’d simply say “Adamsmith Sam. You have a brain. Learn how to use it”. Criticism is fine but it should be constructive and not abusive.

    • Eks

      The problem is that all these suggestions are completely away from the original question.

      The original question was very straightforward: The person has internet on his computer. He wants to use that internet connection to transfer stuff to his phone through USB connection instead of Wi-Fi connection. How can this be done?

      In this situation, to talk about downloading apk files, copying to SIM card, etc. are irrelevant. They just confuse the issue. Just saying anything irrelevant without even understanding the question is not very helpful.

      It is somewhat like this situation in real life: Imagine you are standing in a bus station and trying to find out how to get to some town. You want to know which bus will take you there. If you are then surrounded by people who tell you that you can buy a car and drive there, or that you should not go to that town because it is not good, and you should better go to some other town which they can suggest to you, etc. I am sure that you too will find it annoying, not helpful. You too will think, why are these people so stupid.


    • Eks

      Pete, here is an analogy for you. Let’s suppose you are at a bus station, trying to get to some town X, and you ask people about how you can do that.

      Now, suppose people come forward with suggestions such as the follows:
      -Why do you want to go there?
      -You can buy a car and drive. That is faster and safer.
      -Why don’t you go to town Y instead? That’s a better place; the beach there is lovely. Or, how about town Z? There’s a nice water fountain, and you can feed the birds there.
      And so on.

      Won’t you find this kind of “advice” annoying? Won’t you think those people must be stupid too?

      Similarly, the question here is, “how can I connect my phone to my PC’s internet connection through an USB cable”.

      What is the point of giving responses such as:

      -Why do you want to do that?
      -Instead of that, you can do these; check out this link, blah blah blah.

      Isn’t this just as annoying?

  • Kashif Maqsood

    not working for me. I have Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. When i click install in my pc browser, it says ” this application will be downloaded shortly on your device” and then connects through mobile data connection to download the app.

    • Sharuk

      first you sign in gmail in your mobile. the you sign in your gmail in computer. you will see install look at down it show your sim card name and mobile name. for example vodafone HTC explorer then you install the app

  • amit naik

    my android phone is samsung galaxy ace 5830 . so can i  transfer android application  on my pc net with data cabel

  • Gametrender

    Thanks Jyoti this seems the easiest way by far and the one I will recpommend to gametrenders readers too.

  • samjohnson23

    Not the safest option, but the only route I know: Use a laptop to search for APK files (which are android app installer files) on sites such as rapidshare (or a quick Google search!). Download them and transfer them onto your phones memory card via a USB cable. Find them on your phone and open them!
    Be wary, as this is not the safest route. Always back up your phones memory before attempting this method.

    • Tasleem Ali

      Be wary, as this is not the safest route. Always back up your phones memory before attempting this method.

  • Anonymous

    Find a place where you can connect to WiFi (you will need internet only once to install Astro File Manager to your phone).
    Install it.
    Now disconnect from internet services.
    Download .apk files from or any other similar site to ur computer.
    Connect ur phone to computer. Copy all .apk files into the memory card of ur phone.
    Browse these .apk files through Astro File Manager and u can install them without the need of android market anymore……
    This procedure is simple once u get used to it.

    • Osama Sohail

      hey but i saw that this website is very poor….
      plz tell me some other interesting sites

  • Papampi

    Connect via USB to your pc then use Internet pass through in settings> wireless and networks.

  • Anonymous

    you must first allow your phone to install from “Unknown
    Sources” . navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and
    check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

    android injector

    alternative sources for applications

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