How can I download apps to my Android phone using my computer?
Question by danica /
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I went to through my PC and installed certain apps for my phone. When I checked my market account it says all downloads are successful but I cant see those apps on my phone. How do I transfer them to my phone??

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Answers (14)
  • goings

    My device cannot download anything. It says does not have device compatibility.

  • nick

    what if the device is off? will it still install them? or will it wait for the device to turn on?

  • nouman_niazi

    I don't know that there is any way to download Android .Apk Files directly to your PC From Google Play.But you can find many updated paid and Free Apps .Apk files from Here:
    There is also a process that how to install .Apk File on your Android Phone if you Downloaded .Apk file on your PC. Connect your Phone with PC via USB Connection and send .Apk File in your SD Card.Install ASTRO File Manager Pro on your Phone and locate that .Apk File that you put in your SD Card from ASTRO File Manager and install it.Download Link For ASTRO File Manager
    If you're heaving any problems in findind .Apk Files or something like that there is another way.....Just attach .Apk File in Gmail Message and open the attached file form your Mobile and your Mobile directly ask you to install that .Apk.

  • jemuelle

    On your computer (from

    Free Apps

    1. Navigate to an app you want to install and click to select it - the details screen will appear, and you can read more about the app, its features and the developer.

    2. If you want to install the app, click the INSTALL button.

    3. Select the device on which you’d like to install the app from the drop-down menu.
    ---Device grayed out on the drop-down menu?
    ---Getting a “No Android phones associated with this account” error?

    4. Click INSTALL to accept the permissions for the app (or press Cancel if you don’t want to download) - if you have a strong WiFi or network (3G/4G) connection on the device, you’ll see the app begin to download immediately on your phone or tablet.

  • Tom

    Market is missing on my Android. Does anyone know how and where to go to reinstall Market?? Plz. Help.

    • ha14

      download google play from here

      plug your phone then drag and drop the apk there on the root of your android drive, use a file manager to locate it and click on it to install.

    • Kannon Y

      ha14's answer works if you don't have the Google "Play" icon in your program directory. For most users, however, it should still be there.

      Let me explain a little more about what might have happened to your cell phone:

      Recently Google decided to change the name of Android Market to "Google Play" without really explaining this to its users. However, it's functionally the same thing and should have only replaced Android Market on your phone.

      You more than likely already have Google Play on your device. Just look for "Play" in your program directory.

  • yassir

    Download easy installer from android market using your
    Cellphone. So when you transfer the app from the pc to
    Your cellphone, open the easy installer and you'll see the
    App and click on it to install it to ur device. Simple and easy

  • Sabinedesro

    you will need to enable mobile network (i keep mine off to save data) for the items to transfer.

  • Jay

    There is a software that does it called android injector. it will install apk files that you can download from other sites.

    and there is one long method that you can try from my previous answer to install apk from pc:

    install directly from this website :

    for all this,you will have to first enable : unknown resources.
    Settings>> Application Settings>> uncheck Unknown Sources.

    Once you download a astro file manager  from pc, ypu can directly install apps to phone using it.

  • M.S. Smith

    Have you checked to make sure the phone that is listed as your device is the right one? I've had more than one Android on my account and when I first switched, my old phone was listed as my default - and downloads sort of went into oblivion, since that phone was deactivated. 

    • Joni Solis

      how do you make sure its the right one?

    • Matt.Smith

      If you sign in to an account with multiple devices on it, you a little notification underneath the Install button that says "This app is compatible (or not compatible) with some of your devices." Check there to see what device is listed. If it's the wrong one, it could be that you're signed in with a different account than the one being used by your phone.

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