How can I download an Android app to my PC and transfer it to my phone?
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How can I download an Adroid app to my PC (Windows Vista), and then to my Android phone? I want to avoid using the internet on my phone.

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Answers (53)
  • Prashant Palpankar

    How can I download an Android app to my PC and transfer it to my phone?

  • preetha

    it is gud application to use for everyone



  • Dharmeh

    he i wont instolation android system in my phon can do this......
    my phon is not android......
    so plase rep ....any idea....

  • sid

    how to download antivirus full version free

    suggest sites,,,

  • sid

    how can i download iphone
    apps from net to pc directly without using phone apps like appcake or intallous...........
    suggest any downloader

  • Ianandlynda

    I just got a discu-verify email (which I have done) but it has this msg
    "How can I download an Android app to my PC and transfer it to my phone?"
    I am not trying to transfer to any phone.....just from Android to pc!!

    • smayonak

      There's a variety of methods that can transfer an APK (software installer in the Android OS) from your phone to your PC. The easiest method is to use Titanium Backup combined with Dropbox, since the two combined don't need a cable.

      Once the two are configured, Titanium Backup will basically copy the APK files to your SD card and Dropbox will copy the backed up files to your computer, which includes the APK files.

      Configuration: Here's a quick photo gallery of how to enable Dropbox in Titanium Backup (the last two screen shots are accidental shots of Dropbox, don't look at it):

      Titanium Backup can be found here:


  • Ianandlynda

    I have an application My Cookbook Pro on my Samsung Galaxy tab, I have some recipes already in the application.  I would like to transfer that application with my recipes into my pc as I find it easier and quicker to type using keyboard.
    Please help

  • Kevinjameshagen

    How do I download nero on my mobile phone and transfer to my laptop

    • Susendeep Dutta

      For this,you may want to use a browser or a download manager app.These apps depends upon what phone you are using.

      Click on the link below to choose among the various products of Nero -

      Then you may either want to download trial version or purchase full version.

      After downloading,connect your phone to computer and transfer the downloaded files to it.

  • Markapoldeybis

    i already download the apk application from internet using my friends desktop and transfer it to my phone. But when i use my personal loptop i do the same procedure, but when i download it, the result will always be in winzip instead of apk. when i try to transfer it to the phone this will not working on it. any body who can help me on how to change it and become apk? is there any driver needed for my loptop for any apk file? please respond me early

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Before download of file,does it asks for location to save that file?Does this occurs with other downloads too?

      If yes,you then you must change the extension .apk to download the apk file as it is or you can use download manager.

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