Why can I not download Adobe Flash player on my iPad 2?
Question by Shannon Bingham /
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Why can’t I get Adobe Flash player on my iPad?

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Answers (24)
  • Conrad


    Why can't I seem to download flash player for my iPad

  • Ibrahim

    Well there is a way to get flash on your iPad you need to download a free app from the app store called puffin web browser

  • tadele

    help to download adobe flash player

  • Yosefshami

    Why I can not download flash player on my I pad?

    • yazzy

      Flash cannot be downloaded on to ipads because they have been created not to support flash. I was talking to an apple rep because I wanted to purchase an iPad for school, however, she explained to me that flash is not supported on an ipad because of the simple fact that the battery on an ipad is too small. Flash drains a lot of battery power, so those using an ipad would not be able to actually enjoy their ipad if they had flash. Future ipads will not have flash either. If you would like flash, it would be best to purchase a mac air or mac pro, which is what I had to do.

  • Suvit

    Cannot download adobe flash player on iPad 2

  • Tina Hatzistavrou

    I need to access Adobe Flash on my ipad3, which browser is best to download so that is works efficiently?

  • classicstudio

    Unfortunately Adobe is not supporting Flash player,As a web developer this has brought in the use of HTML5

  • Gharrabia Youssef

    helo we need a help .i have tried to download adobe flash player but it was not possible what can i do

  • Carol Ortilla

    Why?i can't download current flash player on my iPad2

    • Tina


      did you read the answers above?

    • Ivana

      So in i want to play some Games from Facebook,what must i do? Without download flash Player, i can't play Games

      And why iPad 2 must get our visa number when we register Apple id?
      It's difficult for me because i don't Have visa

  • Reý Aetar

    Unfortunately you can't download Adobe Flash Player on the iPad. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch do not support Adobe Flash.
    However, there are some ways around it. If you need it only for Flash Videos, try downloading the Skyfire Web Browser ($5) which let's you view flash videos (no Hulu). If you need Hulu or to access Flash Sites and Games, get Splashtop Remote($2). It basically connects to your home computer (which needs to be left on) and access Flash videos and games and sites and even documents on your home computer. Just download it for free on your computer and connect away.

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