Does Wine runs all Windows Apps?
Question by Rishabh Sharma /

I am planning to switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu 12, Just want to know is Wine supports all the windows Apps/ Games. it would be crucial as I worked on Windows for almost 7 yrs.

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Answers (13)
  • Justin Pot

    It doesn’t run everything and it’s sometimes very instable. If you want to switch to Linux you should know that you’ll have to leave some software behind. Don’t worry: there are many alternatives and you’ll eventually feel right at home.

  • Adriel Tan

    Wine is awesome, but it does not work for everything (especially games). Wine’s website has a list of supported applications. If windows app support is crucial, then you are probably better off using Windows in a virtual machine (though that does not fix the games issue)…

  • Abba Jee

    No it can’t run all windows applications, there’s a compatibility list of software which you can run using wine

  • Manuel Guillermo López Buenfil

    Games may prove to be a problem.
    For applications, I suggest that you look for an alternative program in Linux which does the same thing, instead of bringing your Windows programs to Linux.

  • ha14

    Wine Application Database (AppDB

  • Âdil Farôôq

    Not all the applications but can support some of them

  • Ahamed Yaseen

    All apps not supported in wine… Stay with windows…

  • Junil Maharjan

    No, it doesn’t run all the programs. But it does run very useful programs.

  • luis donis

    if very good wine can emulate a lot of programs with

  • Rob Hindle

    In brief: No.
    Games in particular get very choosy about the OS environment

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