Erlis Dhima

Does rooting an Android device mean installing a custom ROM?

11 Jan 2013
Windows 7
Firefox 17
11 Jan 2013 | Windows 7 | Firefox 17

Since I bought my HTC Wildfire S, I have had the problem with internal memory, also a lot of application require root access. I’ve been very curios if rooting meant installing a custom ROM, and not just “unlocking” your device.

I want to know if I root my device, do I have the same ROM, which means having Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 even after rooting? Also, do my apps get deleted or does it happen to have any bug or even worse bricking the phone?

The main thing I want to know is if I still get to use Gingerbread.

Also, can I delete apps that come with the device when bought, that can’t be deleted? Or even moving apps (like Facebook app), after rooting?

Also, to close, how much is secure to use this guide:

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