Does Chromecast support streaming video from any webpage?
Question by Dr.sunil V /

Does chromecast support streaming video from any webpage? Or only few like youtube? Andd it streams only from chrome browser? Is it plug and play or confuguration to be done?

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Answers (22)
  • Ananmay S

    Yes there will be Chrome extension for you to do that.
    However,you may experience a loss of quality or likewise.
    But I think many services will and should have direct access like Netflix or Youtube!

    • Drsunil V


      Appending a subquestion : Would the buffering time for videos from offiically supported video streaming pages and from tab-cast would be different?

    • Susendeep D

      Buffering time depends upon your quality of internet connectivity.If it has high speed and no latency,you can experience a smooth streaming.

    • Drsunil V


      I understand

  • Oron J

    At present, it can stream Netflix and Youtube can be streamed directly to the TV, whereas the Chrome extension (which will work with other websites as well as with locally stored videos) uses the computer as a middleman, to encode and steam the video to the device. From reviews I’ve read, it appears that the performance of this “middleman” approach is not great. That said, I imagine that support for the device, both for direct steaming and from the computer will grow very quickly, and things will look better even within the next few months.

    • Drsunil V


      You mean video from Youtube and that from any other webpage would not be same quality?

    • Susendeep D

      Actually,encoding requires a considerably strong hardware which is nearly the spec that surface pro tablet is having.

    • Oron Joffe

      @DrSunnil, in essence, yes.
      Video from YouTube and Netflix will be downloaded as fast as your broadband connection allows, and will not lose quality in the process (assuming the Chromecast device can cope with it).
      Other material has to be downloaded to the computer (using bandwidth), re-encoded (using a lot of computer resources, which may cause “stuttering”, depending on the hardware). Re-encoding will also lose some quality, regardless of the hardware. The stream will then be retransmitted over the same WiFi network which may be congested (there’s the stuff coming down from the internet, remember?). So in a nutshell, it’s doing the best of bad job, and it may or may not be of acceptable quality, but it is unlikely to be as good as the Youtube & Netflix streams.

    • Drsunil V

      Thanks for elaborate reply

      Please tell that , To find gadgets having same function what keywords have to be put in ebay search engine?
      Optionally you may enlist similar gadgets on

  • Susendeep D

    Much of your question is answered in the below review –

    Google Chromecast review

    If you carefully read the review,everything is mentioned.

  • Jan F

    My understanding is that Chromecast simply needs to be implemented into the respective apps, one of them being Chrome.

    So you should be able to view any tab and it’s content from Chrome on your television using Chromecast regardless of the video being YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook or whatever.

    I don’t remember where I read it but basically what will happen is that the tab is going to be encoded on your computer and then streamed using Chromecast. The result being a loss in quality and depending on the source quality/size/bitrate you may experience stuttering.

    In comparison if you use the YouTube app e.g. on your Android and click the Chromecast button the video will be directly streamed to the television with no loss in quality.

    • Drsunil V


      You mean buffering time for youtube would be faster than for tab-cast?

    • Susendeep D

      Jan meant to say that if you use an Android device and want to watch it on your TV by tapping on chromecast button,it would directly mirror that video onto your TV using chromecast.

      There’s nothing like tab-cast.In starting paragraphs,he was saying about videos being loaded in a chrome browser tab.

    • Susendeep D

      Jan meant to say that if you are watching video on android device and tap on chromecast icon,it’ll mirror the video onto your TV.

      There’s nothing like tab-cast.He was saying about video being loaded in a chrome browser tab in his staring paragraphs.

    • Drsunil V

      Thank you

      How to make chromecast work through win xp?

      as it is mentioned as incompatible with windows less than win 7

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