Do stock Android apps still use phone memory if replacements are installed?
Question by Manish Rajpal /
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Do pre-install application still use the memory if we install another application with similar use. Like if we install “Go Launcher” and make it default, do original launcher still use phone memory. Similarly, is this true for the contacts and message applications?

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Answers (13)
  • Rohit Jhawer

    Few services run in the background but they consume very less memory. Services like Music app and Maps, these run all the time and few apps which are from the service provider do run. If your phone is rooted you can try titanium backup to freeze apps and save some memory.

  • Felix Göhringer

    Replacements don't uninstall any apps from your phone. Thus those apps still use memory.

  • Vishal Srivastava

    If you close your old app by killing it in the task manager and it stays that way, no memory for running it will be used. I have 5 Launchers on my phone other than my default Samsung Launcher and none of them consume memory as I kill them instead of switching from one to another. I also clean the cache.
    However, it consumes memory on your device for storage and of you've not got any app to SD applications installed, you'll be filling up internal memory quite fast (unless you've got loads of internal memory). Best way to clean it is uninstall apps.

  • Lisa Santika Onggrid

    Well of course. You replace them but not uninstall them, so they will still occupy the space unless you go and delete them manually.

  • Alex Perkins

    They shouldn't, if you really wanted to un-install the default app and said device is rooted then you can use titanium backup and un-install it.

  • Drew Butler

    above comments answer sufficiently.. just to add if you are rooted you can use titanium backup to freeze system apps that you have replaced wih something else. ALWAYS BACKUP before making any changes... have a good one.

  • saad ahmed

    hmm un fortunately yesss!:(

  • Dhaval Patel

    yes, also upon closing them they will restart automatically.... you have to gain root access and some geeky knowledge to remove it. only after removing you can save the memory allocated to them....

  • Kannon Y

    It depends on the application's design:

    Some apps won't run in the background, while others might run constantly. There are various reasons for this, but the majority are related to the so-called "start up receivers", which are essentially triggers that lead to the program starting.

    For example, some music programs are designed to start up when the user plugs in a headphone. Others startup on boot. And the worst class of boot receiver is the autostarter, which is designed to start up even if you disable it using a third party app.

    Many of these apps' startup behaviors can be configured from within the app itself. However, some apps lack this feature and require third party apps to properly remove startup intents.

    There's a number of analysis tools out there that can tell you which apps are starting up, but interpreting this data might require some research on Google. For the most part, though, if you reboot the phone and then run a startup analyzer, if you see programs running that are never used, you may want to consider uninstalling it.

  • Jim Chambers

    All installed apps are stored in memory. Running apps use RAM memory.

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