Do new Kindles let you easily re-read books?
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I’ve had both Sony and Kindle eReaders. I like both but when I try to go back to books on my Kindle I can’t re-read them unless I page back one page at a time. Do the new Kindle readers solve this or is there some other way to fix it?

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Answers (4)
  • Antonio Ruiz Mateos

    Well, with my Kindle 4 you only need to press the Menu button, select Go to... and then Beginning. Quite straightforward, I'd say.

  • Saurav Azad

    read the review here

  • ha14

    Review: Kindle Paperwhite is king of the e-readers:
    Page turning is simplified. The screen is divided into three sectors. Tap one sector to navigate forward, one to navigate backward, and one to bring up the menu. The "page forward" sector gets the largest swath of real estate, encompassing the bottom 80 percent of the screen and 80 percent of the right-hand side. The left 20 percent is reserved to go back a page. This layout make sense, considering most touches are to advance a book. The remaining top 20 percent of the screen is reserved for access to the system menu.

  • Extra Extra

    Yes, I have a Kindle Paperwhite and to reread a book, it's really simple. Open the book, then tap on the top to pull up the menu bar. Then choose the table of contents, and select the beginning of the book. All in all, in take maybe 3 or 4 taps and perhaps 10 seconds.

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