Do I need to have Internet access to use apps downloaded from Google Play?
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Do I need to have Internet access to use apps downloaded from Google Play?

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Answers (12)
  • Hitesh Nair

    There are both online and offline apps.
    Some apps just need internet for ads service, if internet is off for such ads no problem...

  • Izz…

    Some of them don't.. :D

  • Jay Maniyar

    Entirely depends on the app you download. Just like any other app store across the tech universe.

  • GamE


  • UD98

    no, not for the apps you download. but the apps themselves may need internet

  • ha14

    some shareware applications checks license each time you launch them, if there is no internet connection then you will not be able to play them.

  • Himanshu Singla

    It depends upon the type of app you are using..some games required internet connection but not for playing or using the app but just for downloading the content..even after if you want to use navingation and gps services..only then you need an internet connection else i dont think there is any requirement...

  • Justin Boyle

    It really depends on the app. If it requires online, it will let you know.

  • Dalsan

    The apps that require internet access will let you know when you open them if you don't have internet access. I use an older phone without internet access all the time and use many apps and games without issue. It keeps the kids occupied while in the car and I don't have to worry about them accessing the internet for things they shouldn't look at.

    • kikikoo2

      Would it be possible for you to give us a list of the internet free games you have Dalsan?

  • Cliff Mccullar

    if the app is on your phone then generally speaking no. however if it has features that require you to log in, or to say submit a score online then you would need internet to use those features. but something such as say one of the innumerable jewel games would play just fine as long as you dont submit your scores online

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