How can I disable Windows Media Center autostart on Windows 7?
Question by Glenn Kinkade /

I am running Windows 7 Professional. When I start the computer the initial desktop is Windows Media Center. How do I prevent Windows Media Center from auto starting. I am using VLC for music files.

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Answers (7)
  • Ardian Permana Bekti

    all existing programs on my computer when opened that arises iswindows media center, I’ve tried in the same way but still can not.What should I do?

  • Ursziakhan

    i ahve same probelm kindly giude me…when i open skype it opens with window media centre..all program when i wana open it comes window media centre..i tried the same method but i dont know how to disable it

    • Tina


      I recommend that you post a new question. Please click the Ask a Question button, fill in the question form and submit it. Thank you!

  • Tina


    You can disable the auto start in Media Center. Open Media Center, then go to > Tasks > Settings > General > Startup and Windows Behavior and uncheck > Start Windows Media Center when Windows starts.

    Alternatively, you can go to > Start and type > msconfig into the search field, hit > Enter. The > System Configuration will open. Switch to the > Services tab and uncheck Windows Media Center.

    Please let us know whether this answer solved your question. Thank you!

    • Glenn Kinkade


      I tried the first method. Voila, no more Windows Media Center when Windows starts.


    • Tina

      I don’t know why you would call me Lisa, but you do sound like my Mom or Dad. They also call me by my sister’s name. Very strange of you! lol