How can I disable my laptop’s keyboard and touchpad?
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I got a HP Pavillion dv2700 PC from my friend with a not-so-functional keyboard and touchpad (some keys work while other do not, and the touchpad is really not responsive). I intend to use itas my secondary laptop so I got an external keyboard and mouse. The problem is to save space, I put the external keyboard on top of the laptop keyboard, and as such sometimes the keys from the laptop keyboard and the touchpad are activated. It is really irritating. I want to know whether I could disable the laptop keyboard and touchpad entirely and just use the external ones? Thanks a lot!

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Answers (27)
  • J Abello

    Permanently disabling your keyboard/touchpad? Its not sensible to open your laptop just to disable the function. Most laptops, either device manager or the function key should take care of it. My work holds that admin rights so I can't change the device manager settings. A very low tech means would be to use a notepad/manila folder/etc if the previous options aren' t available.

  • McFire

    Best Solution I found was to simply close the lid of the laptop - go to power options/ Chose what closing the lid does and select do nothing. That is all :) now my 10 months daughter can no longer mess with keyboard, touch pad or press the shiny power button and shut it down. Hope that helps.

  • Ahmed Musani

    press windows key + X and select device manager. go to mouse click on it and disable it and then go to keyboard and disable it.

  • Perry Como

    A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

  • Aniket Singh

    I dont think you will be able to disable the laptop keyboard as this is the default device. You can disable the touchpad by clicking on start, control panel, mouse, wait for the Dell Touchpad image to come up, and click on the image, you should have an option to disable the touchpad under pointing devices.

  • EL

    Don't forget that if you disable your laptop's keyboard and mouse, and then the batteries die on your other set, you'll be stuck!

  • anhdroid

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Curtis C.
    Software that helps you disable and enable your touchpad.

  • Kao Vang

    From an ergonomical point of view, this is bad. :)

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