What is the best software to digitize my DVD collection?
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Basically, I want to get rid of my DVD collection in order to downsize my life a little bit, but I want to copy all of them onto my hard drive first. I’m looking for the Windows software that will allow me to do the following things:

1. Remove any and all DRM restrictions.
If it can’t copy/rip every DVD I own, I’m not interested.

2. Make a copy of the full DVD onto my hard drive, with the “AUDIO_TS” and “VIDEO_TS” folders within the folder for the DVD itself.

3. Have the ability to burn a movie onto a DVD-R to play in a DVD player when necessary.
It’ll be nice to get rid of all our Dinosaur Train DVDs and cases, but eventually BomTek Jr is going to want to watch one of them again. If I can just make him a disc he can pop into the DVD player, everyone’s happy.

4. Turn any of my DVDs into an iPod-compatible format later.
I’m deploying to Afghanistan in a few weeks and I want to be able to load up my iPod without having to track down a DVD-R, burn it, then put it right back in my DVD drive in order to do the rip.

It seems like the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum product that MakeUseOf has given away a few times can do most of that, although I’m not savvy enough to understand everything they say on their webpage.

I think I worded everything OK, but if you think you can help me out (and believe me, I appreciate any help I can get here), but you’re not sure exactly what it is that I’m wanting to do, let me know.

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