What is the difference between a netbook, notebook, ultrabook, palmtop and laptop?
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I would like to know the difference between a netbook, notebook, ultrabook, palmtop and laptop. Sometimes I just mess up with all of these terms, so it would be great if someone could clarify them. Thanks!

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  • Kiran Brar

    thanks alot .,all the answers fascinating me

  • Christopher Harlan

    Netbooks: Small, very portable computers used for easy carrying. They usually do not have very much power and are used mainly for videos, or internet surfing.

    Notebooks: Normal to large sized laptops, the smallest normally being at around 13". They can range from anywhere from low to gaming quality.

    Ultrabooks: These laptops are extremely thin, and normally lacking the CD drive to save space. They sometimes weigh very little, but can pack a lot of power.

    Palmtops are more of a PDA, where they could pass as a micro computer (depending on which one). They are about the size in where they could fit into your palm.

    These are all laptops :)

  • Reý Aetar

    netbook, notebook, ultrabook are presonal computers that are portable and can be used keeping on your lap so they are called laptop, now netbook are those that have low specifications and can serve for simple office work and netserfing and playing light weight games or running light weight apps those dont require much processing powers..
    and notebooks are for those that has specifications close to desktops(those that you keep on desk,that are not portable) they can run heavyweight apps such as playing games and running video editors and those apps that need more processing power ,these have more powerfull cpu,gpu and more ram and more connectivity options then netbooks,
    and ultra books are just laptops just given the name becoz they are slim and just given a attracting name for marketing (just like apple gives its products a fancy name )
    and palmtop are those that are hand held like PDA and all which you can operate simply by holding in your hand

  • Harichand Biswas

    I want to know the clear idea of a laptop, netbook, notebook and ultra slim laptop.

    • Reý Aetar

      netbook, notebook and ultra slim laptop are all laptop,(can be used keeping on your lap)
      and ultra slim are those like mac that are made slimmer

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    Netbook- Small size and cheap.
    Notebook- 12"- 14"
    Laptop- 15.6"
    Ultrabook- Slim, battery long life, SSD.
    Tablet- without keyboard.

  • Jon Smith

    to some it up-size and performance

  • Suman Acharya

    these are all portable computer form factors (layout, design, placement of components etc)
    netbook - small size 11" or 12"(i guess hp offers one with dvd drive), no dvd drive, cheap, low performance, designed specially for internet surfing.
    palmtops - are like smartphone these days.
    notebook - small size laptop, thinner than laptop, 12-14" screen.
    laptop - powerfull portable pc, full size keyboard, 14"+ screen, powerfull processing.
    ultrabook - slim, new offering by intel, ultra-portable, longer batterylife.
    tablet - computer without keyboard, monitor serves as virtual keyboard.

  • Vipul Jain

    Netbook - 10-11 inch screens, useful for documenting work & portability. No heavy gaming. Generally low priced.

    Notebook = Laptop - 14-17 inch screens, useful for entertainment & gaming purposes. Generally medium priced. Heavy to carry except 14 inch.

    Ultrabook - New range of computers, releasing slowly. Usually 13.3-14 inch screens. Really fast & great battery life. No heavy gaming as of yet. High priced.

    Palmtop - Outdated & out of stocks, shouldnt be bothered. Were kind of little brothers of netbooks.

  • Âdil Farôôq

    Ultrabook is Intel's offering, a more powerful Netbook. It shares some qualities with Tablets (instant on and resume, low power) and laptop is a personal pc that you can have and do every thing you want,netbook is not a complete pc,because it is just for internet(for example you can have good games in it but you can play for example call of duty in your laptop),and i think notebook is laptop and just the name is different,and tablet is like ipad and samsung galaxy tab but i think ipad is the best tablet in the world and you can go to internet,play games,a lot of programs and...

  • Mike

    "notebook" simply is an alternate term for laptop

    "netbook" is a term used for small, lightweight inexpensive laptops which are designed for low cost and high portability by offering limited amount of performance, (non-legacy) interfaces and in general no optical drive

    "palmtop" is kind of the middle-stage between a smartphone and a netbook i.e. a PDA. However, with the ever increasing performance, functions and features of smartphones they are kind of rendered marginal except for certain industrial use.

    "ultrabook" is a trademark and definition by Intel for laptops that in simple terms meet a certain level of performance, size and weight

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