What device should I get for my elderly mother to use email, Google, and Skype?

ira November 5, 2012
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My 82 year old mother finally decided she now wants a computer to email whatever friends she has left, use Google search and Skype to my sister across the country. She can only spend approx. $300.00.

I don’t know if a laptop would get her into trouble with security, viruses etc. And as much as I love her, I want to cut down of constantly receiving multiple daily phone calls etc., for I am still a little more than a novice at computing; I myself being a disabled veteran. Still have problems using my Asus G60JX desktop replacement sometimes.

Would a used iPad 2 be safer for her? She is afraid of not being able to use the virtual keyboard; she mentioned being able to use a physical typewriter keyboard better?

I am weary of buying off of eBay for a used iPad being afraid of getting burned & not being able to recover her money if it would happen. I noticed that Best Buy are listing a 15.6″ Asus & Lenovo ‘Windows 8’ for $329.00. [7 or 8?]

Any help or advise you could give me for my mother would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, Ira Cohen

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