Why do all my desktop icons look like Word icons?
Question by Jones /
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All my shortcut icons on my desktop have changed to the Microsoft Word icon. Whenever I try to open a program, it tries to open MS Word instead and the program won’t launch. How do  I fix this?

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Answers (9)
  • Goodtalk Oyeinlayifa

    1. Copy below from Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 to \FileExts\.lnk\UserChoice]:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    ;LNK file association fix for Windows Vista.
    ;Updated on April 24, 2007

















    2. Paste it on notepad
    3. Save it as Good.reg on desktop and close
    4. Run the file from desktop
    5. Restart your system
    6. You smile

  • Pierina Short

    All my icons have changed to word, when I click to open mozilla or any other program I only get word. Can you please help. Thank you. Pierina

  • Farcomm

    What is the "iexplore" icon that looks like you are looking through a rifle scope at three crescent moons over a circle ?


    Hello, that is common when you set up any program as default for executing .exe files.  There have been many questions similar to yours.  Here is one link that will fix your problem.  Read all the comments because there are several ways of accomplishing the same thing. 


  • Jeff Fabish

    Hi Jones,

    What operating system are you running and does this only effect a specific file extension, such as .exe or .jpg? Try resetting the file associations (particularly, the file extensions effected). If it effected all (or most) extensions, I would consider going back in time using the System Restore function.

    • Jones

      Hi Jeff,

      My O/S is Windows 7 Home Premium.
      I tried everything you suggested but never worked, however i downloaded the "Inkfix_vista.reg" installed and rebooted my PC then everything went back to normal.
      I value your help and appreciate your efforts very much.

    • Jeff Fabish

      Thanks for letting us know, Jones! 

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