Can I get to my deleted Facebook messages?
Question by Amila Sultan Malik /
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How can I get my deleted Facebook messages? I have a problem with a family member and I need to recover a message which I deleted. Please help!

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Answers (33)
  • Raphael Broukian

    I have lost my Adobe Flash Player. How I can find it? I need your help

    • susendeep dutta

      You asked a question which is off topic from this thread.If you had asked this question as a new,then you had got very quick response(within 1 hour).

      If you ever encounter a problem and need to ask some question here,always post it as a new question under the link below –

      Regarding your question of lost Adobe flash player,did you uninstalled it or are you searching for its setup file?

      I suggest you to get the latest version from the link below –

  • sazan saeid

    how can i recover deleted message on my facebook?

  • hero hera

    since 2011 how get may message

  • Felix Magno

    Guys! I saw an article on Facebook that once a message is deleted you cannot undo it. But does anybody knows if this post is legit or not?

    I badly needed to recover some important messages.

  • cherryanncodillo

    how can i see my message with others

  • alok

    how to get back deleted messages in facebook

  • yogesh

    how can i recover deleted facebook messages..??

  • Johnley Carlson

    I believe that the only person that can recover your deleted messages is Facebook. They have all the access to databases and system. But another possible way to recover those messages indirectly is written on a recovery guide from . I do not recommend this guide because I have not yet read it. But if you really need to recover those messages for some special reason, then it’s worth to try.

  • loveleen

    i need some of my old sms bcoz i have family problem

    • Dr. Shaheen Sardar

      If you start trying to get your deleted messages. It may take more than 30 years. Ultimately it may create many other family problems. In 30 years you can discover a new software which may be able recover any type of software from any where. You will be a great scientist. But, if you will think to get back your past, you will loss your ming, health, and many future pleasures. Just get rid of just was happened. Care about present and future. I hope this is enough solution. In future, avoid such things which create family problem. Maintain your power, and be happy. Good Luck.

  • rency

    how can i get mu deleted messages

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