How can I reduce LCD brightness on my Windows 7 laptop beyond the default minimum?
Question by Sudeep /
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I am currently using Windows 7. Ever since I installed it, the minimum laptop brightness I can reach is about twice as bright as what I could with Windows Vista. Is there an app to reduce the brightness beyond what the Control Panel allows? Volumouse was of no use on my laptop.

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Answers (14)
  • CML

    Why did my screen becomes reddish after using DimScreen ? Anyways to fix ? thx :D

    • Anonymous

      uninstall video driver and reboot. windows will install a new video driver.

    • Usama Khurram

      you always have same process for different issue just to uninstall and reboot.....i just installed new window recently but facing the same issue........

    • ha14

      well the process is to check if it is driver issues, such as corrupted. if it is then the only way to solve it is to install a clean driver.

      now if the clean driver do not fix the issues, then can be Bios problem as it can properly detect the keyboard.

      A software that remapped keyboard layer?
      Kayboard hardware problem..

      i think checking the driver is wise

  • Sethahia

    Hi DIMscreen thanks very much for the support i can now have comfort with my laptop brightness,it worked perfectly as you said
    keep it up.

  • Sudeep K. Bansi

    @Hozefa KB: Thanks. I use F.lux, but that isn't exactly what I was looking for.
    @ha14: Thank you so much! I tried DimScreen first; works perfectly.

  • Kebiana

    I like F.lux too, though I don't know if it dims the screen, it does make the colors easier on the eye depending on time of day.

    On my netbook, you can dim the screen by hitting Fn key and hitting the left arrow.

  • Anonymous

    Monitor Bright
    Its portable, sits on the system tray and also support multiple monitors. (requires .NET 2.0 or higher).

    This application does not require any installation and it runs from the system tray. Another good feature is that you can set hotkeys for dimming the monitor. It can dim the monitor brightness of desktops as well using hotkeys.

    Desktop Lighter


    • Kndwarakanath47

      hello friends i am using windows 7 ultimate but my function key my brightness left and right keys are not working what should i do?

    • Anonymous

      fn+right arrow/left arrow
      1)uninstall video driver, reboot and let windows to reinstall a new one
      2)if above do not work uninstall your keyboard driver, reboot and let windows reinstall a new driver. you can also check if there is a new driver from the manufacturer.

      1. Open "Device Manager"
      2. Under "Monitors" tree you will see installed monitor, PnP-Monitor (Standard) in my case
      3. Right click in it, and select update driver
      4. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
      5. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
      6. Keep "Show compatible hardware" checkbox on
      7. Under driver list, you will see "Generic PnP Monitor"
      8. Select that option and Click "Next"

      Windows will install new monitor drivers.

      let me know if it fix the problem

    • Usama Khurram

      no guy the default windows on my laptop worked through hotkeys which was UBUNTU but now i install windows 7 and no function key is working now.......can you solve this issue ...

    • ha14

      press alt+ctrl+fn

      uninstall keyboard driver, reboot and let windows reinstall a new one.

      check also bios if you have keyboard parameters

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