How can I delete items posted to my Facebook wall?
Question by Robert /
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I currently have a Facebook account and there are some things that have been posted to my wall and pictures that I don’t condone. How may I delete all those posts?

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Answers (17)

    Hackers posted on my wall which is unnecessary and bad thing.I need to remove it. But i can not do it currently.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Hover your mouse over the post and click on Report story or spam.

  • Zach

    Ok, on my FaceBook I was changing my activities and interests, and I typed “Music, Photography and Video”, and it inserted ABC photography video and music with some picture I did not want. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT? -There is no “x” to the far right of the screen.

  • adeel

    i delete the some picture on the face book but this time i recover the picture and the other data plz help me what will do for this?

  • Lee268

    Ivé tryed everything..I do not have any x next to the post I want to delete, put mouse over everywhere and nothing comes up…so frustrated..there is stuff I want to get off..Pleeeezzzzeee help me

  • Cata

    a trick I’ve learned to remove a photo posted by someone else on your wall, without reporting it as spam, without contacting the poster and without switching to timeline: Go to your profile and select “View as…”, and there type the name of the one who posted the photo on your wall. When viewing the profile like that you can select “Delete post” on the photo, instead of marking it as spam.

  • Diane

    This method does not appear to work for me. I have deleted my own posts before, but I want to delete a post that someone else has posted on my wall and it won’t go by clicking on the arrow to the right of the post and selecting delete.

    The post is from someone that I only just accepted a friend request from, on the basis that they were friends with some other friends of mine. The immediately posted a photo on my wall, which is advertising something that they are involved in. I really want to get rid of this.

    • Anonymous

      Wall: How to use the Wall feature and Wall privacy – Facebook Help

      1) Hover your mouse pointer over the top right-hand corner of the post to reveal the down-arrow button. Click the down-arrow button.
      2) Select “Hide Story” from the context menu to delete the offensive post. Select “Unsubscribe From [Username]” in the context menu to delete the offensive post and remove all other posts from the user who posted the item.

      Facebook’s delay in erasing photos previously deleted by users is symptomatic of its struggle with privacy amid the scrutiny of an IPO–those-embarrassing-photos-you-deleted-from-facebook-they-re-still-there
      A direct link to the photo itself (not its page in a Facebook photo album) will recall the picture into existence, unless it has been completely wiped from Facebook’s servers. Only once the photo has been deleted from the servers will it no longer appear at that link.

    • Jay.0

      How unsubscribing or hiding from news feed applies here?
      when someone posts on your wall/timeline ?

    • Jay.0

      Strange rule of fb,
      you can’t delete a photo posted on your wall, only the person can.
      You can hide it using timeline. or ask the person to remove it.

      Please provide the delete option FB, when you read this!
      it shows “delete post ”  option , but it does not really work , you have to remove the photo, which is under control of the poster.

      Now, you have these options.

      1) set wall post by others on your wall to  “only me”, so only you and the person can see the photo, but it will also hide other posts by your friends, which you may not like to do..

      2) Report photo > I dont like the photo > ask the person to remove the photo by message.
      this will send a message asking the person to remove the photo.

      3) Switch to timeline.

      Click on the pencil (edit/remove)
      Select “hide from timeline”

      The post is now invisible from timeline. but its actually still there.

      So, First ask the person to remove it and if it does not work,  just hide it.

  • Ryan Dube

    Robert – just to clarify – the rectangle at the right of every post will have an “x” in it, making it clear that it’s the option to delete. In some cases the option may actually be the first. Wherever it is, it will read “Remove Comment”. It’s pretty fast and easy once you spot it.

  • Jay

    click on profile
    then you will see your posts.
    every post has a rectangle in the right side.
    click it, it will show a drop drown list, last option will be delete or remove post.
    click it and remove it.

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