How can I delete my hidden files?
Question by mahtab alam /

When I am trying to see my hidden files (I click “show hidden file” in folder option), my computer is not showing hidden files. The size of files is more than 1GB. That was a movie. I am using XP Professional. Please help me. How can I watch or delete that?

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Answers (5)
  • Anonymous

    Hi use treesize pro this soft will let you to see hidden files also and there is right click option enabeling delete. My case I had 60go of space that was taken by a hidden file, treesize pro showed me whech was responsible and the i took some actions to recover those space, si it was system volume information the responsible.

  • Tina


    were you successful in finding and deleting your hidden files? What did the trick for you?

  • Anonymous

    check this post…
    it helped just have to do some simple registry hack

  • Anonymous

    you can see your hidden file by going to search section and then click on all files and folder search after that click on more options for search at the bottom then activate the choice search in hidden folders and files

    • Aibek

      If you want to find a particular file you may also restrict your search to particular file types using the * symbol (i.e. by searching for *.avi or *.mp3). And also by file size and date. It’s all right there in advanced search options just make sure to activate the choice ‘search in hidden folders and files’ as recommended above.

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