If I delete a file uploaded to Dropbox from my hard disk, will it be deleted from Dropbox too?

Faisal Ahmed August 27, 2012
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Suppose, I have uploaded a document to Dropbox from my hard disk. Now, the document gets deleted from my hard disk accidentally. Will the document uploaded to Dropbox be deleted then?

I would also need some clarification of the point mentioned by Matt Smith on his “Using the Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Guide” under the system requirements that Hard disk space should be at least equal to Dropbox storage limit. Does it mean that I must have 2 GB free space on my hard disk as soon as I signed up to Dropbox? What will happen if my hard disk have less free space than the storage limit available to my Dropbox account?

I reckon you have got my point of concern. I will be happy to hear your opinion.

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