How can I delete email on my smartphone without deleting them on my desktop?
Question by Filly52 /
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I went to my desktop and wondered why I couldn’t find my emails.

I think when I delete on my phone and it deletes on my desktop.

I went to advanced, checked to have deleted messages on my phone but it doesn’t save the change. I want to keep my phone clear of clutter. I can’t access all the information from an email on my phone like I can on my desktop. Or I may want to go home and send my email response from my desktop, not from my phone.

How can I stop my emails from deleting from my desktop?

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Answers (8)
  • Guest

    You're thinking about this backwards. Your mail is SUPPOSED to be synced between computers, not because you have it on all your computers, but because you're using all your computers to view the SAME thing. Systems that don't do this are BROKEN.

    Now, if you want to clear clutter, you can regularly "archive" your old mail to a separate folder. Really though, you just need to mark your mail as read, and make sure your email program goes straight to unread mail and highlights it. That way, there is no "clutter": what's new is clearly separated from what's old.

  • sid

    I have lost my mobile phone on which i have configured my gmail. i just want to know if i can delete mails on my mobile remotely without deleting in in my gmail

  • Daryl

    It touches bases on the desk top an how to deal wit saving my email but it never explain how to delete emails from my smartphone.

  • wisniak

    If you have an iPhone and have defined a POP3 account both on the iPhone and the desktop, you can safely delete from the iPhone.
    However, if you have an Exchange account, this does not work.

    I don't know about the current Windows mobile version, but in previous versions there was a check box that you'd have to mark in the account definition screens in order to retain the mail in the mailbox (and then download to your PC).

    I don't know about android.

  • Ed

    If you're using Gmail, setup Mozilla Thunderbird in your desktop and access your email via Pop3. That way you will have a copy of you mails in your desktop. Then you can do whatever you want to your email account via smartphone.

  • Anonymous

    if you delete the mails on server , then it will be reflected on all the ways that you use to check mails.

  • Chris Hoffman

    Well, the way IMAP works is that changes made on one device (deletions) are automatically saved in your account online and replicated to your other devices.

    You haven't said which mail system or phone you're using, so it's tough to give an exact answer. POP3 doesn't work like IMAP, so if your mail service also supported POP3, you could set up your phone to access it via POP3. Any deletions on your phone wouldn't be saved on the server if you used POP3 on the phone.


    Hello, Is this a webmail account or an email account with your ISP?  what email service are you using?  If you want to delete only the email in your phone but keep a copy in the email server to access it from your desktop, you have to find out if you email service supports IMAP.  If it does, make sure to enable it in your client and a copy of the email will be kept in the server.  You will probably have to reconfigure the settings for your email account in your phone.

    Some webmail services like gmail and yahoo(premium) are compatible with IMAP.  Hotmail is not but it can be setup with microsoft exchange to act in a similar way to IMAP.  

    For example to enable IMAP in gmail, you could try the following:

    -- open gmail
    -- click on settings
    -- on menu, click on forwarding POP/IMAP tab
    -- under IMAP access, make sure enable IMAP is checked
    -- configure you phone

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