Why can I not delete this directory in localsettings\temp\WPDNSE?

Ray Nelson July 13, 2011
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A directory in localsettings\temp\WPDNSE is creating some questions. I have read much about Media Player using it, but nothing about why and how it is not deletable.

It does let you move it. So I put it on my desktop to have easy access. When I tried to move it back it had been re-created, so now I have 2 of them (both not re-nameable or deletable).

FYI, I am a Visual Basic programmer. VB finds a directory in it with 10 spaces as the name, and in that another directory with 10 spaces for name and so on until you get a stack overflow because it is nested so deep.

It is like a Pointer to itself…

Anyone have information on this? I restored from backup, so I am back to clean system, yet this will cause some issues (it has for others already).

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