How can I delete all bookmarks from Firefox?
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I don’t dare venture to the “Bookmarks” tab in Firefox anymore because as soon as I do, Firefox freezes due to (I’m guessing) the massive amount of bookmarks I accidentally imported (another story for another day). Is there a way to delete all the bookmarks in there without having to manually do it myself?

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Answers (8)
  • steph32

    hold down the delete button

  • Guest

    stupid geetha, simple question end up getting stupid bimbo ugh

  • N333

    Are you stupid?
    If i have 300 bookmarks its takes 2 hour to select each one

  • geethaa

    Its as simple as follows, Select "Bookmarks", select the bookmarks to be deleted, right click, click on delete..

  • Tina


    you can delete all bookmarks in Firefox by deleting the file that holds them. The file is called bookmarks.html and sits in your Firefox profile folder. You can search for the file on your hard drive.

    But rather than deleting all your bookmarks, why not try to organize them without touching the Bookmarks tab? Which version of Firefox are you running? Did you try the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [B] to access the bookmarks manager? Even if it takes a while to load, it probably contains a folder with your imported bookmarks and you could just delete that folder to regain access to your other bookmarks. Worth a try!

    If that doesn't work, let me explain how to delete the bookmarks.html in Windows.

    In Windows XP go to > Start > Run and enter > %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles then click > OK. A folder containing your profiles will open, open the profile called > xxx.default and remove the > bookmarks.html file.

    In Windows 7 go to > Start and type > %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles into the search bar, don't hit Enter! A list of profile will appear, pick the one that has a > .default at the end. In that folder, find > bookmarks.html and delete it.

    Let us know whether this was helpful. Thank you!

    • VS

      @Tina, thank you for the advice. I did the second option (to power through it) and it didn't do anything, that I'm aware of. So I went back to your first suggestion and although it took a *long* time for it to open up, I was able to manually delete each bookmark. They didn't import into folders so I did get myself into a bit of a situation with that. After 30-40 minutes, it got the job done.



    • Tina

      Glad you could fix your bookmarks VS!

      Do you still want to import those other bookmarks? Do you need ideas on how to best do that? Maybe you should post another question. :)

    • VS

      I'll keep that in mind!

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