How can I delete the app data on my iPad without deleting the app?
Question by Jason Wong /
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Some of my iPad’s apps have taken up a lot of space after use over time. Some are take up more than 200MB! I was wondering is there any way that I can delete some of the app data it without deleting the apps?

I am running a jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 if that helps! Thanks.

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Answers (8)
  • Stephanie

    How do i delete my app updates if i dont have the app on my ipad2

  • Joses Lemmuela

    Couldn't you simply delete the app and reinstall it? O.o

  • Laga Mahesa

    As Ryan pointed out, iFunBox is the way to go on the desktop. On the device itself, use iFile by Carsten Heinelt.

    Essentially, you need to go to \var\mobile\Applications. The contents of this folder are yet more folders with mysterious strings of characters as their names. These codes translate to separate apps - both iFunBox and iFile will do this for you.

    Now. Using Sparrow as an example, each app folder looks like this :


    This is where user documents are stored - .doc, .txt .mov, .mp3, .whatever - any file that the program saves and which is intended for the end user. Files in this location are where iTunes File Sharing can access them, if the app enables that feature. The contents of this folder are what primarily goes into iCloud and general iTunes backups. Feel free to delete everything here.

    Usually the contents of this folder are as follows :

    Application Support/ : App-specific extras that are either created on the fly or downloaded and are backed up. In-app purchases spring to mind.

    Caches/ : Like Application Support, but not backed up and considered temporary. Many apps 'hide' important data here to prevent large iTunes backups. Be wary of randoming deleting things here.

    Cookies/ : Web technology related; unimportant for the most part.

    Logs/ : Diagnostics and problem solving, unimportant unless you're a beta tester.

    Preferences/ : Here there are two or more PLIST files - apple configuration files. Two are system controlled and aren't directly app-related: .GlobalPreferences.plist and These are actually shortcuts to the originals lying elsewhere in the system. Other than these, you should see an app-specific file - in this example, com.sparrowmailapp.iphoneapp.plist. Deleting this and any others will reset your app to default values.

    Now, there are variations, but not many. Use the above as a loose guide, be wary and you'll be okay.

    • Jason Wong

      Hi Mahesa, thanks for your info and I'll give it a try:)

    • Kyo

      Can you or anyone let me know the direction path to facebook app's data? Either using a ifunbox or ifile. Thanks! :)

  • Ryan Walmsley

    Some programs will let you dump or reset data in the ipod -> settings area.

    Additionally, if you use an iPad manager like i-FunBox (free PC download), you can have granular-level control over their installation files and directory. You might have to backup and poke around a bit if you're really concerned about saving a few extra GB.

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