Why did the Debian live CD I burned at 16x turn out corrupted?

Zhong Jiang October 16, 2012
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I was burning the stable Debian image using PowerISO through a temp folder and when the software had finished writing the data at a speed of 16x, the verification didn’t complete due to errors in the data offset and stopped at 98%. I tried to boot the CD and the installer stuck and said to check the integrity of the disc, stopping at .doc/manual/el/install/el./txt, the file failed the test.

I’ve asked the Debian IRC channel, despite their efforts to answer my question, they point to the fact that my CD was corrupted due to high or inefficient burning speed. Now, I’m trying to ask if this is really true when burning an image because I’ve burn several other images at the same speed and produced no issues. It’s clearly that my driver is working due to the recovery disc set I’ve performed recently and the quality of the CD is a bit old but doesn’t lead to clues of corruption.

Is the speed really to blame?

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