How to darken PDF text?
Question by Rohit Makkar /
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I downloaded an ebook from Google books by using “Google Books Downloader”. But the text is unclear. Though, I can read it, but I want to know how can I make the text darker?
I use “Adobe Reader X” : 10.1.2

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Answers (12)
  • Rohit Makkar

     Thanks all of you for replying to my question,
    I downloaded and installed "PDF OCR". It extracted the text from my pdf file but it  makes a wordpad file in result. Is there any software which can recognize text from a scanned pdf and makes new pdf exactly similar to the original one instead of a text file?

    • Jay.0

      Thanks for your feedback, once you extract the text,
      you can save it as any file format by pasting the text into ms word, notepad, wordpad etc.

      and then you can convert your txt,/doc/.rtf file to pdf file using these options :

      1) (online)
      2) h free software (offline)
      3) upload to google docs and download as pdf.

      (The formation of the output pdf file may vary)

    • Leandro030821

      NitroPDF can convert that word text into a new PDF. TPB it :)

  • Karkala Nayak

    Hello Rohit,
    Check this website (Link is Below) 

    It is discussing about page accessibility.

    I hope it helped:

  • Jay.0

    Google books are scanned preview of books, that is why some of them are unclear.
    You have two options :

    1) Extract text from pdf using an OCR software or website like this: or upload to

    Now you can resize and apply bold to the text according to your choice.

    2) Take the screenshots or convert it to image
    using an option like

    And set the brightness and contrast using an image editor.

    (1st option will be the best if the text on scanned pdf is clear enough to be detected by OCR.)

  • Anonymous

    1) Edit button on the main Adobe Reader screen, select "Preferences
    2) Click the "Accessibility" icon on the left of the preferences window
    3) check the  box "Replace document colors" in the list of options
    4) Click the "Custom color" button. This opens a new dialog box.
    5) Choose a darker font color

    if you have adobe acrobat X then you can use TouchUp Text tool

    Document-->OCR Text Recognition-->Recognize Text Using OCR and then use the ClearScan PDF Output Style

    • Jay.0

      I Can't find the options that you suggested anywhere, I have the same x.10.1.2 version.

    • Munna

      ha14 is right,
      First you have to click on the edit button at the top and when the list pops down then you Select Preference which is situated at the bottom of the list.then you follow his instructions as stated

    • Jay.0

      After, trying one more time, I found it, but the default color is black already,
      What is darker than black ?

      And as the question says, the fonts are unclear,
      this can happen when the downloaded book is scanned image, which is not related to font color.


    • Munna

      One can use background as BLACK and text as GREEN

    • Jay.0

      You can't change background or foreground color of scanned text, because it's an image not real text.

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